Monday, July 28, 2008

Chasing quintessence of shovels

I realized that I've been whining about change and things being different this whole summer. I really came to realize that when my dad brought home a PT Cruiser tonight that he's driving for a business trip, and, see, I grew up driving older (80's-mid 90's) GM Sedans, so to have a look at the dash new Chrysler... I think that car is really weird. It has the window controls on the center console, how weird is that? Anyway, I just got to thinking how I was used to one thing, and then having something totally different around feels really weird, when in reality it probably isn't that weird, compared with the larger sample set of all cars, and I got to thinking how that there are a number of parallels with cultural adjustment... and came back to the issue that all I think about this summer is change. Maybe this is normal, maybe I'm a sociopath... ok, I am a sociopath, but either way, I think about change a lot.

I got more new music today, which shows how change is a strange process, because I got new As I Lay Dying and the Oh Sleeper record. So I guess my musical tastes don't exactly change. I also got UHF on DVD, and we are going to have a 'Back To School Wierd Al' night in the 'Stan before classes start back up. It's going to be a blast.

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