Friday, June 13, 2008

The street

Observations from a few days in America.

I still try to throw toilet paper away.

Carpet is weird.

It's strange how I just can 'come back' and I'm here, no adjustment seems necessary. Yet there is of course, adjustment. It just feels like I don't need to adjust, if that makes sense in any kind of strange way.

My hometown is the same and different in all these subtle, little ways. Streets have been redone, advertisements have changed. I drove the truck before I got back, and then my folks' mini-van, so driving my car has seemed weird.

Watched my old baseball team play last night, they played about the same as usual. Watched q3 of the NBA Finals but was too tired to watch the fourth. Now, I'm running errands, one of which involved coming to the public library to do some work-related stuff, so I of course had to take time out to blog.

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