Sunday, June 08, 2008

More to overcome, less to take on

Well. We hiked this morning, then I came to my office and have been trying unsuccessfully to work. I guess when I know I can procrastinate this stuff until August and probably not get in trouble for it, I do. I leave in a couple hours. Not looking forward to the journey, but the result will be good.

I've learned so much here this year, it would be impossible to try to describe it all. I guess the thing that I have learned the most is to be patient, wait, and trust. I had originally come over on a six month contract. I got the opportunity to extend it, and the opportunity to come back next year. I took a lot of time to make my decision, and I really had to be patient and listen to the counsel that I was receiving and the Guidance I got. I'm in limbo about what happens after next year, I don't like it but I know I just have to be patient and trust that what I am supposed to do will be revealed to me in time. I've had to depend on others and on Another to make things happen that I previously could have done myself. I've had to trust in the duration and strength of my relationships, even when I didn't understand them.

I've grown, I've struggled, I've learned, I've leaned, I've helped, I've been fed, I've seen change. In some ways I fear going back to the states because who I am does not want to become who I was. In many ways, I know all of this is just preparation to going Home.

Had I stayed where I was, I could have had a whole world. I'd never trade that world for the scars that I've gotten this year. I'd never trade my growth for the comfort I once sought after. I'd never trade what I had for what I have. I'd never trade the pain that I've had this year, never trade the joy, the struggle, learning, time.

I'll probably blog some on the trip, but perhaps not much over the summer. So until next time... stay safe. Don't die.

Fare well. Trust.

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