Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Highly underfunded overcoats lowly

Well... I decided not to buy internet access in London because it cost 8 pounds (almost 17 dollars), but I did buy it here in Chicago. Yeah, I made it to Chicago mostly OK, I'm dead tired though. Didn't really sleep on the Dubai-London or London-Chicago runs. Maybe an hour total. I did watch a couple movies, none worth ever watching again. Charlie Wilson's War was self-indulgent, boring, and pointless. Jumper was short, had no character or plot development, and the one interesting character (the other jumper) was overdone. Cloverfield was interesting but ultimately predictable.

I have had a lot to think about over the last couple days (of flight time). Thinking about the last year, thinking about the summer, thinking about the next year. Thinking about forever in a way. The time that I have been given over the next seven weeks is to be spent productively, not regressively. I may have regrets, I may have faulty steps, but the tide will come and wash away the aged and infirm parts of me, and all will become new again.

Time will come again.

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