Wednesday, May 14, 2008

This work started in me

Now that I've gone so far. I guess there's not much else left than to just press on.

Even when I want to quit. Even when I want to be normal for a bit. Even when I wonder why.

Ever wonder why you don't get to see results from the things you do? It's a place I find myself in quite often. The conclusion that has been recently drawn in my head is that if I saw the results, I would become prouder than I already am, and would being to think that it was actually me doing the work.

I never saw the backlash against myself when the tide begin to rise.

Ok, half-transparent rant here. There is something that if one more person says something to me about, I think I'm going to be the most recent supernova in the galaxy. I just want to ask them, "Do you think I'm really content with it either? Do you realize that I've tried to do something about it, and just ended up with nothing oth than more growth experience?" No, I don't know why either, and you're not helping. I guess I'll find the conclusion to this phase someday, but until then, just stop it. It's not helping me at all, and it's not doing a thing on the other side either.


I'm such a whiny brat.

On the plus side, we played v-ball against some locals today, and actually won a game.

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