Sunday, April 27, 2008

Cup of sunshine

Today was a holiday here, and we had the day off. It was nice in many ways. I got up and played games and did some planning until about 9:30, then we played basketball until about 11:45. Had lunch, did some work, played Volleyball from 1ish until about 4:00, came back, played games for a while, then went out with our art teachers, got some food supplies, came back, made pizza and then went and ate with the director in his apartment. After supper, we went up to his roof and looked around the city.

At night, you can see all of the lights on on the mountainside houses. I think I remember hearing almost half a million people live up there. It's amazing to think of the way these people live, and to wonder when or if it will be different.

I've been given a lot to think about over the last few days. In many different areas of life, in many different ways. And I'm rapidly drawing the conclusions that I'll never figure things out on my own. Someone else has to figure them out for me. I make decisions or say things that later I regret. I try to justify all of my actions, but there is nothing in them to hold fast to. I rather have one hope, one thing to hold to. Only one way that will keep me from feeling the emptiness no more.

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