Monday, March 03, 2008

Yokes, burdens.

I've been waking up early, not on purpose, this week. The benefit of this is that I can check my email and blog, because our internet has been crummy at night. I've got to get the IT guy to fix that. Anyway...

There is much that has been going on recently. I've been slightly more joyful, but also more stringent with the kids. I think I'm managing to do it without becoming mean, but I'm not entirely sure.

In my guys group last night, one of the things we talked about was the idea of Hope, and how that hope doesn't mean something we wish for, something we want to have happen. Rather it's a hope in a promise which we have been assured will come to us. We are to live our lives in the knowledge and expectation of that Hope. The promise will not fail, and the things of this life will falter.

I have burdens, cares, and a failing to switch the yoke that I carry them with. There are times that I go about my life, and I cannot see the coming day because of the darkness of night. But as I have been typing this up, the dawn has begin to break outside my window. I'm going to stop this blog entry so I can take a few minutes to sit at the feet, and to find rest. Take the time in your life to gather near them, and find rest.

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