Friday, March 28, 2008

Stuck watching

Well, readers, this blog my be scantily updated in the next week, or it may have lots of posts as I vent. My 'dealing-with-people' module hasn't been working very well recently, for a lot of different reasons. And next week, I'm really going to be working it overtime, as I sub for our computer teacher about half the week, and am the tech guy for the drama club plays, which are off campus at two different locations. It's going to be a long week, and so I don't know if when I come home I'm going to not want to deal with people at all and so I'll blog, or if I'll be so done with dealing with people I won't even blog. The principal, who I say across from at our staff night out tonight, offered to find me a sub for my subbing for a day or two. I probably should take her up on it. One of my friends encouraged me to do it. We'll see how tomorrow goes.

In meeting today, the talk was about the four friends of the man who lost everything and gained it back. The first three all use different aspects of knowledge to criticize their friend at first. The fourth is more controversial, with some people saying he gives good advice, others saying no. A lot to think about, but one thing he talked about struck me. We as humans are kind of like a bottle of water with a layer of settled dirt at the bottom. When the dirt settles, the water looks clean. Shake up the bottle, disturb the dirt, and the water gets cloudy and yucky looking pretty fast. That's us. We can look pure, but the dirt is there. When we get shaken, the dirt shows up. Which do we complain about more, the shaking or our dirt? I'm hoping I can see my dirt in truth soon enough.

The world's doing pretty much OK without me doing anything of any consequence. The Prime Mover wants me to do something of much consequence. Maybe I'll see part of that something this week when I'm tired, stressed, and I don't have anything left to give. Often, I have no idea where my head is at, but I'm sorry for it. Hope you can forgive me for the times that I made mistakes or did things that hurt.

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