Saturday, March 01, 2008

Everybody... Start!

Yesterday, when I woke up, I was kind of tired. It had warmed up, and I wanted to lazily abandon the great heater turn on project. I made myself get up and do it anyway. I'm kind of glad I did. First, I know people appreciated it, and I kind of lied to someone by not admitting it was me that turned on their heater when they asked me in the middle of a pack of kids. Second, it made me think while I was working. And I realized that I wasn't really having a good attitude about this P.E. thing, I was kind of just resigned to it but not happy about it. So I decided I was going to be actually joyful about it, and happy. P.E. went much better yesterday than it had almost any other day. I'm going to try to do that again today, be really joyful about it.

This weekend, I discovered that I can make my way to the balcony of my building by climbing, but once I get onto the balcony, I can't get into the building. It was fun. I had to ask the principal, who was walking by, if she could come and let me into my house. Funny.

The picture is of one of the toucans I helped a friend finish from class last week. The class drew and colored the toucans, then we cut them out, glued them together, then stuffed them with paper. I had a good time doing, and they look really good in the rain forest, so I'm sharing a picture with you, since I haven't done any pictures in a while.

I am, while hoping that our fill-in P.E. teacher can get here soon, thankful for the opportunity that I have had to do this P.E. thing, because it really has challenged me to be joyful in all situations, especially as it comes at a time that I'm being challenged in other ways and other ares, at first it felt like one more stress that I had to deal with. And it is another stress to deal with, but that is the point. Fire refines, but that refining process can't be little or have a small flame. It has to be hot, it has to get all of the dross out at once. I'm not saying I'm to be going to be completely pure once this is done, but I will have had some of what I hold on to stripped away, and that will be another step on my journey.

I'm in hopeful anticipation of these steps. And I know where my Hope is.

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