Friday, March 07, 2008

Dragons, lions, here I am, send me.

I woke up and was kind of hyper for no obvious reason. I mean, jumping up and down hyper. I called my aunt and found out how the ball teams were doing. I felt good.

I was in charge of the meeting this morning. I volunteered in some hubris of importance, or something. I did such a terrible job. Hopefully, somehow it made a difference to someone, because I felt like a complete moron. At least we had good music, and a good message. Too bad my part was completely meandering and pointless. I felt not good.

I really wanted to go play frisbee today. But when we left late after meeting and then got there, there was no one there. We went out to eat, then. I guess that should have made me feel better, right? It made me just not feel.

I got back and played a game with friends. That made me feel good for a while.

I decided to work out. I moped around while working out. This is an accomplishment, and I would like credit for it. That didn't feel good.

I went outside, and climbed around the various buildings for a while. That made me feel not much.

Then I ate supper. That felt better.

Then I started to play another game. That didn't make me feel any better, and I abruptly left because I'm a rude and mean person.

I shot baskets for a while. I didn't feel anything about that.

The stuff I said last night that I worked through while shooting baskets? Yeah, I didn't work through it at all, apparently. Or maybe I did, and the roaring lion just wants to devour me. I don't know anymore.

I vacuumed my floor. It is clean.

I'm weird, so here is my blog entry for today, concluded.

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