Monday, February 11, 2008

To convince the world


My nose bled because it got frozen, then I scratched it.

My abs hurt because of my workout.

My probable early-on-set arthritis is really bothering the middle and ring fingers on my right hand.

My work projects had conflicting priorities, and I didn't work on the ones I should have, in all likelihood.

My room is cold.


The lunch hour was good because first, I did lunch duty for a friend who wasn't feeling well so she didn't have to stand outside, and therefore could go relax and hopefully feel better, then second, I got a hamburger from last night for lunch because I asked for one, instead of the spinach casserole.

The afternoon at work felt productive.

The high school assembly speaker used me as an object lesson for flexibility.

The dinner hour was spent quietly and happily.

The high school guys had fun playing basketball for the second day in a row, since I canceled my other Sunday afterschool activity since no one came for the second week in a row.

The power from the city is probably going to last most of the night.

The evening included our weekly guys meeting.

The things that have been bothering me seem less important, in perspective.


Three events made me happy.
Two things received my anger.
One person brought me joy.
Zero words stole my peace.


Evil Twin said...

Did your nose really bleed because it was frozen and you scratched it?

Russ said...

Yeah. I didn't pick it or anything, I just scratched it.