Monday, February 18, 2008

Staid and redoutable.

Day 3 of the Mr. Newcomer P.E. experience is over. It was a little different, this morning, I had to talk to the High School students during assembly on flexibility. That is not my favorite thing to do, but I think it turned out OK. Since it was assembly day, it meant that my three classes today basically all were pushed together with no time off, since the lunch duty that I also have to fill was between two of them. So it made the day seem kind of longish. On the plus side, however, I had previously asked some of the other teachers to cover my afterschool basketball, since I had to do homework club. Yesterday, one of the teachers took homework club for me, so I could do basketball, and then today, the teacher who was going to do basketball told me that he would do HW club instead, so I got to do ball again. That made the day good.

We had guys group tonight, and one thing that we talked about that I've been thinking a decent bit about recently is that sometimes, we don't see the results of our labors right away. I struggle with this sometimes, because I don't really see the gifts (that I think I have been given) bearing fruit. I struggle because I wonder if I am doing the work I should be doing. The conclusion I have come to, right or wrong, is that I don't get to see the results of my work, because if I did, I might start to attribute these things to my own abilities and doings, instead of realizing where the credit is actually due. So instead of seeing, I just trust that I am walking the right path, and that the fruit I can't see will be sweeter when the day comes that I can see it..

We are not judged by our own size, but by the substitute we pick to run the race (and mine has already won it).

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