Monday, February 25, 2008

Dreams of shrinking

The Mr. Newcomer PE experience is continuing. I will be, for the foreseeable future, be teaching the two tenth grade weight training classes and elementary P.E. This also includes a couple other duties of the P.E. teacher's which I am taking on.

I am not terrifically excited about all of this, but it may only end up for a short time, and either way, it is a stretching, growing experience. I keep asking for trials so that I may be stronger, well, it turns out that I get them in more uncomfortable fashion and in areas that I wasn't exactly prepared for. I guess that's how it works.

I have been processing and thinking much recently on how some things I am working through are supposed to happen. With some of these stresses, the stresses of the new stretching P.E. experience, and some other internal stresses that have to do with rejecting a certain Liar, there are days that I don't wake up in a good mood, or with the proper attitude to face my day.

So I took a little time out today to prepare and create a little sheet that I'm sticking on the back of the door to my room. It's a little strange, perhaps, but it's got some stuff on it that reminds me that it's my decision to have faith, that there's joy there to be filled with if I just take it. It's also got spots on it for me to write down days and things that especially made me joyful that day, to help me remember on the days I have trouble being joyful. And I'll steal a block of sticky notes and put them up too for days when I need them. Like I said, kind of strange. We'll see if it works. At the very least, making it brought me some enjoyment.

I was challenged in two ways in our guys group tonight. First, challenged to see my Dad at work in this P.E. teaching situation in ways that I know I couldn't have done something in my own strength. The second, to live a life of hopeful anticipation, especially about one certain situation. So I told the guys what I wanted my Dad to do, and I'm going to expect Him to work in that situation. I know He will, just not exactly how I see it sometimes.

Finally, it's my mother's birthday today! Happy birthday, mom! I bet none of your other sons called you and had a chorus sing you happy birthday! Because you don't have any other sons. Ha! I win!


David said...

Your KS Dad would have them wear green undershirts, run soccer drills, and tell them to aim for the backboard, the backboard is our friend!

Russ said...

I actually told my weight training boys today that the Backboard is your friend while they were painfully playing knockout.

David said...

Save the Green undershirts for another special time.