Friday, January 25, 2008

The Open Skies and the Crimson Seas

I'm sitting here in my office, doing a little bit of work before lunch. It's so cold, I have the propane heater going full blast, it's been going for about 30 minutes, and I can still blow directly at it from 18 inches away, and see my breath. Anyway, I came up with this story/poem/thing, and had to share it.

Rashid was a mariner
forswearing the land
in hope of the ocean

Rashid was a mariner
slowly catching seas
beneath his new keel

Rashid was a mariner
finding the far gale
so to propel the men

Rashid was a mariner
rocked gently in bed
but waves all around

Rashid was a mariner
never to drown alone
a crimson sea is his

Even though the skies are cold, and the land seems dark, the sunlight brings warmth and comfort to all. One day, this will fall away, and the first will be nothing compared to the sequel.

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