Sunday, January 27, 2008

My hollow completion won't get me in.

Well, the final test day was a success. It was cold, it was long, it was during school, but except for one unregistered examinee, it went smooth. That was nice. The rest of the day was fine. I worked out again, which makes me feel better. I hung out with my friends, which I enjoy. I sought, and was answered, which reinforces my peace. It was easy to be joyful today. It may not be tomorrow, but I shall try to make the choice to do it anyway.

I know I have been a little bit of a rambler recently, and so I won't ramble. I have this thought that has been kicking around in my head recently, but I'll wait until tomorrow or later to present it to you, then maybe it will be more fully formed.

Security is a more growing concern here, and for one of my friends in particular in his role here. If you would remember him, I would appreciate it. There are many things occurring that cause him stress. It can be difficult for all of us to remember that His favor is a shield.

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