Friday, December 14, 2007

Near to the hue and ply

The blue skies were out and in force today, in so many ways. We walked back from today's meeting, it was just a nice day out. Sure, it was about 40, but it was sunny out, and some days, you just want to walk. My female friends feel that here more than I do, since I am able to walk by myself when I want to fairly freely. I think they were glad to be able to walk today.

Humourous story time commences.

Yesterday, I went out with a couple friends to the Thai restaurant. (This incident of me going out to eat twice in one weekend is an oddity in and of itself, but that's not the focus of this story.) Anyway, after we got back and did advent reading, we went up to the roof of the ladies' house (a three story building, which is known as the Marble Mansion), and while we were coming back down, thought about how fun it would be to drop stuff down the spiral staircase. So... we did. And we filmed it. And then edited the video together to Queen's Another One Bites the Dust. It's hilarious. I'm going to get a copy, so ask me about it if you see me. It's 3.6 minutes of pure awesomeness.

Humourous story time concludes.

I played Ultimate today, and it was fun. Kinda cold, but still nice enough. Not wet or raining or icy yet... I think that day will be fun. The cool thing about the group of people that play Ultimate is that there definitely is competition, but it rarely gets personal. What I mean is that we can go play and beat someone, and you still chat and laugh with them afterwards.

Hung out most of the day, fairly lazily. Watched a couple episodes of Firefly with my roommate, we both enjoy that show, so it was cool. Read some, wrote some, goofed off generally. Went out to eat at a Lebanese restaurant for supper. I enjoy going to that restaurant because even though it's semi-expensive, you get lots of food, and you get some free. We got soup to start off, we got some free hummus, and then when you ask for the bill, you get chocolate cake. It's good cake, too. Like I said, even though it's kind of expensive, it's lots of good food. I got the combination skewer, which is beef, lamb and chicken.

When we got back, I did advent reading with a few friends. I've really come to value that time, it is such a wonderful way to not only remember the coming season, but to just stop and refocus at the end of the day.

Focus and clarity are what I need recently. About a lot of things, not limited to my role here, my attitudes about a couple people that I don't exactly get along with, my attitudes about a couple people who I need to understand better. My thoughts and processes about how I Walk. The things I am when I'm alone. The future. The death of self. How I talk to others. How I Talk. The one thing that I have to hold forever. The one I want to hold. My fears, my insecurities. There are plenty of different ways, places, paces, faces that I can see to gain this focus or clarity. But there is one way in particular that I am to pursue.

Faced with all of this... where else could I go?

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