Sunday, November 18, 2007

If we mass defect...

...these very rocks will scream.

I stole some music off of someone else here, old CDs that I have at home, just stuff I hadn't really listened to for a while. A certain band from Australia, I snagged Public, Leader and Step Up, and remembered how fun they are to listen to, and how inspiring. I also grabbed some Reality Check, and basked in the awesomeness that is "The Way I Am" and "Masquerade". Seriously, it's almost OK that those guys only did one album, because I don't think anything else could top that one. I wanted to blast part of the chorus to The Way I Am today when someone was bugging me because I didn't take the full half hour for lunch. I appreciate the concern, but...

If I can I'll pretend that I'm alright all by myself, I'd rather drown that take your hand, it's the way I am. And if I climb my wall of pride, swim across my sea of doubt, will you love me as I am, the way I am? (Reality Check, The Way I Am)

I was also preparing for our weekly guys meeting tomorrow, and pondering lots from what I've been Reading lately. It seems that the more I Read, the more I know and the more I know I have to learn. The parallels between what I've been reading in Hbrws and Jms and the chorus I just quoted... If you know my personality, you know I do things for people, and I don't let people do things for me. So Hbrws and Jms form a interestingly difficult to resolve dilemma and harmonious dichotomy for me. These thoughts are part of my further reflections on why I'm really here. And by here, I don't just mean geographically, but holistically. Why am I where I am? What's the reason, what's the purpose, what's the point? I know I won't find these answers out wandering blind, so I'm looking. I hope you look, too.

More Reality Check, just because I'm nostalgic, and I am finding them totally awesome...

Take the time for what's on your mind, put away yourself and open up your life.

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Anonymous said...

Ahh the memories...
Reality check roxorz!! In fact I think I'm going to dig out my old cd right now.

it's such a shame the game
you play
congratulations your invited
to the masquerade
I'd like to know what lies
behind the mask you've made