Saturday, September 22, 2007

Sureal Viscosity

One of my frustrations at being here today is revealed...

I got a call to fix a problem someone was having with an import/export between our grading software and our administration/report card software (no, they aren't linked and yes I do think it's silly and no, I don't have three hands.), which I didn't think it was necessarily likely I would be able to fix quickly. So what I did was observe that it seemed to export some of the grades fine, then I went and got a copy of SysInternals' Filemon, and figured out which file it was dying on, deduced that it was dying because it was an old file with an improper extension, so I gave it a different extension, and the stuff started working.

What's the frustration? I can't explain to anyone here how cool that was, or how I did it without spending minutes explaining what Filemon is and why I could figure out what was going on from the output of the various programs. before hand.

But, that's ok. I survive if that's my only frustration.

I'm going to play cranium with some people. Good and bad. I don't know why I do this.

I played volleyball last night and lost my temper at myself because I was playing so bad. I about just walked off. I am frustrated because I had been keeping my cool even when I was playing poorly at things, but sometimes I just snap. At least I didn't yell or anything.


Brandon Toll said...

I can totally appreciate what you did with that Filemon thingie. That was cool.

nln said...

I can't appreciate it, because I don't understand all that stuff except very cursorarily, but I still think it was cool.

My theory on explaining stuff like that, though, is that a certain (yea, a large) amount of versimilitude is acceptable.

David said...
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David said...

Since my PC @ work was wiped this weekend, my novell delivered applications toast and not reinstalled, many other applications no longer accessible, and hearing a message every time I called tech support that the status of the computer system was "all systems normal" (before the on call person didn't answer my call), I greatly appreciate someone in IS who is conscientious