Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Minute in Q

It appears I haven't been blogging the past couple days. Actually, I've composed posts a coupe of times, then not posted them. Somewhat strange for me, and it wasn't that I said a bunch of dumb stuff in there, I just didn't post them.

Anyway, work has been. I've been trying to ninja this grading system into working, and I'm really thinking it wouldn't be a half bad idea for me to just roll one, but I know that would probably take longer than I think it would. So, I just deal with the problem and try to fix it. I ended up just manually typing stuff for half an hour.

Other things are going fine. My programming club is ok, except I keep taking detours for things I remember, and not getting as far as I think I should, more accurately, as far as I originally planned. But that's ok. Basketball is going as well as can be expected for playing an hour a week on a dinky little court. There could be a good team here with 5 days of practice a week on a real court.

The rest of life is also fine. We had a guys meeting the other night, talked about ps36-3,4 It was good stuff. I find myself in between 3 and 4 right now, trying to work more that way. I'm mostly over being sick, it's getting cold at night here which wasn't supposed to happen this soon but ya'll know how life goes.

I am kicking around ideas for a new SF story, I kind of hope maybe over fall break in a couple weeks I could get a lot done on it.

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