Friday, September 21, 2007

Names are grown into.

I think I'm getting better and better at Ultimate Frisbee. As it is kind of embarrassing to be poor at Ultimate, this is an encouraging sign. I am also starting to understand better how to play two on two basketball on a 18X40 court, this also is encouraging. The basketball is, in many ways, more difficult than the Ultimate, since we only play half court, and due to the length of the court, it's like one step and boom you're under the basket, so you really have to time your cuts right. And since it's two on two, it really exposes my poor shooting and one-on-one skills. One the plus side, I'm learning better and better post defense skills, since I'm about 2-3 inches shorter than a couple of the other guys that play.

The recent meeting series has been on the Apocalypse, one big number per week. We were on 3 this week, and I had been having a difficult time concentrating during the earlier section of the session today. However, I did a much better time during the lecture. I feel a certain kinship to the first group discussed, little kinship toward the second, and I wonder how much I share with the third group. I have minor questions some of the time, that stem from mine own pride and duplicity. I have also been reading personally, and I am in the second of the missives to those in the city known for leather, around 6. Lots of further questions this generates, but namely one that I ask is how to continually be renewed in the fashion talked about. In many ways, the myriad environmental factors here make that simultaneously easier and more difficult. But that's ok, I knew what kind of challenge I would be facing here, and how just being here wasn't going to make better all of the things that I felt I lacked.

Speaking of things I lack, I... no, maybe not.

I am sitting upstairs in my house, listening to ZAO on my laptop speakers for the first time since I have been here. I wonder how horrified the locals would be if they came by right now?

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