Saturday, September 15, 2007

Maybe the... the... the... excess

Another day in the books. Today was long... long. I feel like I worked twelve hours today, hey, mainly because I did... I'm not even entirely sure what I did the whole time. I know I bolted both my lunch and my supper because it seemed like things needed to get done RIGHT THEN... but do they, did they really? Probably not. I guess if I'm really honest, I bolted supper because I decided I didn't want the good and the bad of sitting there while other people were around. I need to come to grips with that one of these days, get it all sorted out. But there's too much other processes to finish their decision tree before that can happen.

On the plus side, once I finally did finish work, I got to talk to my sister, which was nice. We tried to conference with my other sister also, but that wasn't working, I think she was having bandwidth issues (yes, you were.) I worked out some tonight, I'm kind of out of shape. On the plus side, I'm under 70kg, which qualifies as cool.

Sparrows and hair. Every time that I feel alone, you know that I could never be.


nln said...

It is not my fault my internet was having bandwidth issues - note, btw, that it was my internet connection, not me. I am a person, and people don't have bandwidth issues ... at least I don't think they do. :)

David said...

I wish to report that I have a bandwidth issue, and it's not getting better. Not getting worse, but not much better. I have kept my bandwidth similar to last summer's adventure to asia minor, but not much progress since. Too many good hamburgers after a week of yogurt lunches seem to keep me on an even bandwidth. DBN