Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Can we right this in such a lime?

Well, Ramazan didn't actually start on 9/12 like we thought it would. Or did it? It got announced that it did, but it didn't, we don't think. Nobody was quite sure yesterday afternoon, which was the last time I really talked to anyone.

Yesterday, hm. It was a long day. Some of you might be wondering (or might have wondered in the past), "Exactly how many [cell phone] units do you consume on a three hour call to tech support in Dubai and Johannesburg?" The correct answer is somewhere around 11000. I now have 46 units on my phone. The plus side of that is that people have to call me. The downside of that is that I spent 11000 units and a total of about 4 hours with support for this internet-dependent test that we do, because they overloaded their servers and their tech support guy (who was a nice guy) had me do a bunch of semi-ridiculous things to compensate for the fact that their server was overloaded. Why... sure... I'm getting no connectivity to your site (even though I can hit other internet sites just fine), and I was on it with this machine two hours ago, but I'll uninstall all the versions of Java I have loaded for your test to try, and then download the one off of your website so we know we have the right version of Java loaded because that's obviously the root of the connectivity problems. Oh, Mr. Support person? I would just like to point out that I can't access your site to download the new version of Java. Is there an alternate location? Can I get it from Sun? No? Ok, well, let me try to install this version from the JDK I just downloaded this morning for my programming club , and we'll see if that works. Oh, it installed, I can start to get in, but it's really slow. (Repeat similar ad naseum.) Finally, it started to work, but I was in that computer lab from about 1:45 until 10:45. And I hadn't just lazed around the morning or anything. Long day. Anyway...

Lots of other things going on around here. I start basketball and programming club next week, I think they'll be fun. I can fix some things and not others. I... yeah.

A couple weeks ago, I was wondering what was going on with all of this. In my guys group the other night, one of the things brought up was who we are in who we Know. Sometimes I'm kicking and screaming, I think sometimes everyone is. But perspective opens new doors, and I don't perhaps always know what I will be doing or where I should be, but I know who I am. I hope you do to. You can hide it, you can fight it, but you're not a copy of a copy.

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