Thursday, August 23, 2007

Three tones

Well - worked some today, goofed off some. Am now sitting out by the volleyball court, editing a short story I wrote a while ago. I decided the last three chapters (of ten) were worthless, and that there needs to either be one chapter, or about six. So, I'm trying to draft an appropriate ending. Decided I would post on la blog. I have observations. First, I really am not good at half-court basketball on a small court. No room to move or break. Second, I'm your usual suspect. Third, the work I should do, I decide to put off no matter where I am. Finally, I think I've talked today to more people (in number) outside of meals or during work today. (This number is artificially inflated by a kindergartener and a three year-old.) I guess I'm just not the highly social person. Like the other day, I went out to supper with some folks. I didn't really talk to them. I think I need to do a better job of speaking with other people when they are around.

Finally, after our team meeting the other day, we had a brief time of group Talking. And I was asked if there was anything I needed Talk about. And.... I had nothing. I guess this is probably bad since I'm not looking for things, but you know, I just don't. I guess I'm too physically inclined. I should work on that.

Back to editing. You all have a good evening.

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nln said...

Kindergarteners and three-year-olds are people just as much as anyone else. I like talking to them! So don't say that artificially inflated your count.