Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Normally in vain

Well. The first week is done.

I think I've made it through. My stomach started churning today for a while. I downed some Pepto-Bismal and that helped me through the rest of the day. So that situation has been defused for the time being. I still don't feel terrific, but better than I did.

Some thoughts/observations in no particular order, they were supposed to be better, but this post got interrupted for an hour while I went and fixed our internet, which went down because we have some interesting power considerations here, and some people forget about the power issues sometimes. I didn't resist the temptation to let the person know I fixed the problem, however. I should have. Oh well. Now, fifteen minutes after I had thought I had fixed the problem, our internet connection dies again. It's 10:15, I should have gone to bed, I'm not going back over there to fix it again. You all can enjoy this post when I get around to fixing the satellite and posting this.

I should go get a dresser. And figure out how the washing machine works. I should have brought more t-shirts. I like the flexibility of being able to be flexible.

I got really embarrassed today. I'm not going to tell the story here el bloggo, because that would also be embarrassing, but it involves people having an inaccurate estimation of my abilities, and them letting me know that while I'm right there, and me getting embarrassed and leaving quickly. Like I said, it was embarrassing. I hope none of those people have found my blog. That would be further embarrassing. And funny. Like Abraham Lincoln at a rock concert.

We had a team meeting the other night where more people in the group told their life stories. The stories some of these people have to tell about where they came from are incredible, and just make me wonder what in the world I am doing here. I know I shouldn't compare myself to other people, but what in the world can I say next to what some of these people have? Maybe I don't have the confidence in myself that some of them do, maybe I am just to unsure of what's going on. Maybe I'm still unable to let go of myself, maybe I look at all this too much through my human eyes. Perhaps the comparisons are truly unfair, I still don't know. All of this further makes me really hope they forget it by the time the next meeting rolls around, because I really don't want to share my lame little story. I did redraw my picture, though. Whatever.

Continuing on the themes already established here, I'll talk about a couple other things I did today, perhaps in less of a narrative form. I got our satellite connection working in the morning. I fixed a couple copiers. Set up a projector. Made a test announcement on our woefully deficient "Announcement System" that can't be heard on half the campus. Yeah, that's getting fixed before we pay them. I fixed a couple other random problems. Added new users into the Active Directory. Whinged about our crummy gateway/firewall. Didn't get everything done. Got embarrassed. Further evaluated what needs to be done to make our announcement system effective. Goofed off online. Sent a couple long e-mails to folks back in the States. Fixed internet. Came back. Got annoyed internet went down again. Decided it is 10:20, I'm going to bed.

Thursday tomorrow. Playing some basketball in the morning, then probably work some in the afternoon. Maybe try to actually be social in the evening.


Well, it's now Thursday, I fixed our internet connexion this morning, did some research into some security-issues that had been brought to my attention, and I'm going to play basketball in a couple minutes. I'm feeling better today, although not perfect. Such is the life we lead.

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