Thursday, August 16, 2007

A look in the cry

So, last day of orientation was today. School starts soon. I still have lots to do, but I think I'm going to be almost ready for the first day of school. Except for all the student accounts I just remembered I need to create.

And the over analysation continues, as I didn't have to talk about my drawing again today either. Maybe it won't happen. Wow, that would be actually pretty cool, in my opinion.

Today, we had to work on school goals. I was part of a team, and people didn't like my goal idea. It was pretty interesting, how to shoot down someone's idea on team unity (the goal group I was ironically assigned to. Maybe it's not ironic, because I really do care about this area) while appearing to do it in a unified and loving manner. I found that fun. I'm scribbling down my draft, while other people are talking about something else. Later, then, after we got done, I got one of my random sentences stuck in my head, and so I start writing it down on my notepad so it will leave my head, and the teacher next to me asks, "Are you still working on the goal?" I say, "Uh, no. See, I get these random sentences stuck in my head, and I have to write or type them out so they will leave." Teacher: "Oh, that's... ok." Yeah, I make my own kind of friends everywhere I go.

Speaking of friends, two other guys and I helped one of the teachers move some heavy stuff around the other day, so she repaid us with cookies. These are the best homemade cookies I have ever had in a foreign country.

My new roommate moved in today. He's got the upstairs room, I've got one of them downstairs. Hopefully the maintenance staff prioritizes the stench in the hallway from the leaky bathroom. Maybe if he complains too, they'll fix it soon.

In other news...

Come to think of it, I don't really have lots of other news. I assembled AV carts today, and lugged them all over campus. I helped some people with computers. I worked on various and sundry things. One thing I'm going to try to come up with is two concrete, definable goals for the semester. One will be personal, one will be school-related. Something somewhat audacious. Like writing a procurement, ordering and shipping system, because the one they have now is pretty ridiculously bad. It's just fill out an excel spreadsheet, and who knows what gets ordered, how it gets shipped here, and where it is in the shipment. They need a more streamlined process, and a computer based one could make a lot of things better. There are a wide number of paper forms that flow around here that could be a lot simpler. I'm going to work on that. As far as personal goals, a couple of the guys here have decided to try getting together weekly. I am glad of this happening, and hope it will be cool.

Well, it's about nine, it's Friday tomorrow, and I have some things I want to try to do, so I think I'm going to sign out.

I would like to walk like I talk. I wish that I could stop being superman. I'm no superman.

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