Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Fear of forensics

"My name is Ozymandias, King of Kings! Look upon my works, ye mighty, and despair!"

Welp. More problems I wish I could solve right away, that turn out to be slightly more complicated because of the basic lack of infrastructure here. This proves to be frustrating to me. For example, instead of running CAT5 through the walls to wall plates as part of the construction, it gets afterwards, through holes drilled in the walls. So then, it means those cables that then get run under the carpet along the wall have a higher failure rate than a regular wall + patch cable setup would. And you have to rerun the cords through the wall.

And did I mention that there is not one single managed switch in this place, and the their is only one switch inside a cabinet, and several of them are just screwed or glued into the wall near an electrical outlet? And so when the electrical outlet (which might not have been wired to code? Wait, I don't know if there IS A CODE HERE!) starts developing problems, either we have to rip the switch off the wall, or someone (hopefully not in the Venn diagram representing me) has to rewire the outlet?

On the plus side, I two of my headaches have been lessened in the last day, and it seems that I get to figure out this new intercom/sound system that got installed while everyone was gone for the summer. Additionally, I got the computer lab finally set up, only to realize that the new AC they installed is... smack dab where the projector projected previously. Now, we either need to move the projector, or the AC register. I think we'll figure out how to move the projector.

On the ambivalent side, I didn't have to talk about my drawing today. This means I got another day to over-analyze how I present myself to these people. The joy of this is just beginning. Hopefully they forget about me doing my little presentation/talk tomorrow.

I went out to eat with a few of the other teachers tonight (since Wednesday = Friday). They called me and invited me. I find this exceedingly strange, and have decided to chalk it up to the fact that some people are far more hospitable and friendly like that than I.

Welp. I probably shouldn't have said hi to that fish back in West Germany on 7 October, 1923. It just looked like it needed a friend.

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