Saturday, August 04, 2007


Flight was delayed out of Cinci for 1:20. I ended up getting to the gate as they were closing. So, after calling the 800 number, explaining that it wasn't my fault Delta didn't contact Emirates when I told them in Cinci that I was worried I was going to miss my flight, they swapped my reservation with the 11:15 tomorrow (wellllll, today, now.) for free. So, right now I'm basically delayed 24 hours, and since the delays were for weather, there's no hotel that I can really get for a realistic dollar amount. I'm hanging out in the concourse (since I couldn't even check in to get into the terminal), waiting for the place to open back up in five hours so I can get found, a couch to sit on, etc. I'm going to hang out online until my battery runs down (since I don't have electrical anywhere convenient that I've seen...), and then probably walk around the airport some more to stay awake. And maybe find food. Food would be good.

Great start to a day...

And since I don't have anything better to do, and I need to exercise my brain to stay awake, I am going to ramble for a couple moments about some things that I thought about whilst in the air over various American cities today.

Thought the first. I can tell roughly how new suburban subdivisions are from the air, and you can too, if you learn my new simple step. That simple step is to just look at trees. New subdivs don't have _any_ big trees along the raods or houses, because they haven't had time to grow.

Thought the second. There are lots of people traveling on airplanes to get places. Who knew?

Thought the third. I had a lot better thoughts earier, but somehow, I have lost most of them. This disappoints me.

Well, I'm off to read news as a last stab to keeping awake. Take care.

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