Thursday, July 12, 2007

Some like the fall, but I prefer french lasagna, baby!

Well, my days of taking me seriously are definitely coming to a middle.

I already feel a little weird for buying a MacBook. I justified it because, since they're Intel-Based these days, I can run XP on it just fine, and the specs were the same or less expensive than a similarly equipped Dell or $VENDOR laptop. And, since it seems like a lot of school-type folks run Macs, getting more familiar with OS X would be a plus.

But seriously, did it have to ship from CHINA!!?!?

I guess this puts my espoused globalism to the test. I mean, China? I would have been ok with Taiwan or HK, but the PRC? I wish I was economically boosting some other country.

Thus ends the hipster rant.

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