Monday, July 30, 2007

Samson and the Detour

It's out of phase.

A lot of lasts have been happening to me over the past week. Last baseball game, we lost, but there was some good stuff happening. Last weekend, probably slacked a little too much, but... yeah. I went and talked to the dad who is going to take over the Jr. High boys ball team next year. Glad, knowing they'll be in good hands, but sad, since I won't be involved. Last Sunday at church, I got recognized up front. Which was nice, but it just reminds me of the different places I'll be. Last study last night, weird to think about. Xopher and I talked for way too long about football, since he doesn't get to pick my brain the rest of the year. Last day at work today. They had a nice lunch for me, got me a neat card, and a big box of Rolos (Folks, I don't know if they'll make it to Kabul. No, not the heat in the luggage, I just may weigh three pounds more when I get there... :)) But it's still lasts, still changing. Last accountability group tonight, which was just different to know I won't be there next week.

Two people said some things to me over the past couple of days, expressed in different ways, but true. One said that in ten years, I'll look back and realize that this upcoming experience has made where I am [in ten years] possible, and I wouldn't have been the same without it. The other said that God will change me in Afghanistan, and I will grow in ways that I would never have here. I know the first is true, and I hope that the second will become so, that I can hold up and grow during the process. I know He'll provide the doors, I must see them and walk through, out of me, and into who He wants me to be.

I found out today that I have to get some more shots than I was planning on. We'll see if I can get them in the... _three_ more days I have in America. PR that this won't be more than a hiccup, and I can get all the shots that I need.

Finally, Starflyer59 is perhaps the coolest band in the world. Silver and My Island are brilliant, brilliant albums. Even Jenna likes My Island, so you know that such work won't frighten small children and is indeed where it's at!

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