Saturday, July 28, 2007

Altars Unsuspected

Well, I am in the process of packing. Actually, I am taking all of the stuff I bought today and inventorying it, and starting to plan how I'm going to pack it. Additionally, I am removing items from their original packaging, because I don't need to take cardboard dividers or stuff like that on the plane that counts toward my weight limit.

In a part of this process, I was noting that I now have a not inconsiderable pile of new socks. However, as daunting as this pile it, it pales in comparison to the pile of existing socks. Obviously, feet are important to me. A disclaimer, I didn't buy all of the socks that I have in the new pile. But still, I am responsible for them. Here is a video that displays my... collection.

I am thoroughly depressed by my consumptive nature, and took time out of the process to blog about my failure. I think I'm going to throw away any sock that is even slightly hole.

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Anonymous said...

socks are cool says the evil twin