Thursday, June 07, 2007

Elevators and Reliquaries

I guess I'm at a weekly blogging pace now. Oh well.

Here's what's going on now:

Baseball is going mostly well. We're 1-1, we won the first 9-8, lost the second 23-5. Kids are playing ok, we're just making Jr. High mistakes. They'll get better. Planning to play soccer again this summer. Need to start running at night so I can be in some kind of shape when the season starts so I don't have a coronary.

Passport application is hopefully working its way through the bowels of American bureaucracy quickly. It would be nice if the Lord would resolve that quickly, but if I need to develop more faith, I guess I'll get to. We all know how that goes.

I don't really have a whole lot else to blog about. I'm trying to wrap up projects at work, which isn't happening as rapidly as I would like because I keep getting more "we'd really like this done before you leave," and I need to keep sight of what really needs to get done because I would rather have 2 done projects and 5 mostly unfinished that 7 sorta unfinished projects.

I'm supposed to have a call with the school now, so herein ends the blogging.

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