Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Sun setting through pine trees.

Congratulations to Judy, and her husband, SSgt. Jonathan Matlack! Judy gave birth to Jonathan Daniel Matlack on Monday around 9:10 PM. He weighs something over 8 pounds, is rather long, but Judy didn't have to have a C-Section. The kid's fingers are, I kid you not, at least an inch long. They're huge. He's got lots of hair, and is darkening so Judy does get her brown baby. We went to the hospital last night to visit them. Some apparently minor issues with bands in his white blood cells means that he had to have an IV in his head, and he was just starting to nurse before we went in to visit. Cute kid, his eyes were pretty wide open, and did I mention that he's got long fingers? I think we were some of the first visitors outside of family, which is cool. It's weird to think my friends are having kids. Weird.

The Millitant Capacitor and I went up, as did his family. There's a semi-humorous story there, but as I'm not sure if The Millitant Capacitor's erstwhile girlfriend reads this or not, I really can't share it. It's that funny. Maybe some time pretty soon, though.

Back to work! Just figured I'd share the good news.


Anonymous said...

[This is a comment not on this post, but on your opening tag.]
I HATE to parallel park!!! I can do it, but I HATE it!!

Russ said...

I can. And I do it with such aplomb, if I were any better at it, the word might collapse.