Friday, January 26, 2007

Sand will only sleep


I got the new computer Monday, and I was real excited, opened it up, looked at the new GTX 8800 that has 768 MB of RAM and more Transistors than my E6600 Core 2 Duo, got stuff installed, was configuring it, got a little worried because the Hard Drive was making a regular clicking sound, but figured it would probably be ok. Started playing Comapny of Heroes, I'd get 5 minutes in and boom - computer locks up. Did a couple of different diagnostic tests, I'd get lockup. I even got a lock up on Memtest86+, which just doesn't happen, apparently. So, last night, I'm in this funk because I know I'm going to have to hassle with a return (and also because material things have such an impact on my emotional state). I decide to run Memtest one more time, and then see if I could swap my RAM for the Antiphonal Dissonance's, when I noticed that the power cord for the side case fan was tangled in the CPU fan. Which resulted in the clicking, and the CPU overheating.

Company of Heroes is awesome, and looks cool on my now-stable system.

Basketball Vs. Reno County tonight. Should be good games.

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