Wednesday, December 13, 2006

'Strewth' (or, I need Soma)

The squishy and the enunciation of a slow
and callous heart from the deprecated
realities. Hasten and wasted for realized
to ignoble revoiced celebrations of a
darkened mobiles that bring forth a
vacuum cleaning by the chess piece of
a deteriorating throughout, stochiomatic
wastrels and answers brough from a
near term relaxation. Customs and
safey for northern pores and stones.
the cost. the enormity of it all.
the faithless and the anthrophile.
Management by perspective and expectations
Clouds and forks of poignant dissonance
denial and forecasting, granted in coma.

Wrote this up during a meeting yesterday. I was paying attention to the meeting, which is why this is a little off my usual high quality abstract poetry. Sorry.

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