Friday, December 15, 2006

A Quiet Acoustic Soundscape.

I, unaccountably, am having a good time tonight. It's actually fun today - I got to do some cool stuff at work that I enjoyed doing, and made my boss pretty happy. Then, I came home and made myself a box of Mac and Cheese that I proceeded to consume by myself, therefore ensuring that I have had enough carbohydrates and sodium to last me the rest of the year.

I am seriously the coolest person in the Western Hemisphere right now. I am not making this up.

Basketball games tomorrow versus Manhattan. Be tough, going to be down 2 players on H.S. including the offensive-powerhouse-when-he's-not-in-foul-trouble. The others should pick it up for us.

Now, I think I'm going to read some Al Reynolds, play some video games, or watch a movie for the rest of the evening. Seriously, this is cool, being a bachelor and having my roommate gone and I can do whatever I want. Who says I should give this up? Why should I want to give this up?

Viva la Bachelorautonomy!!!!

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Anonymous said...

I wish I could eat a box of mac and cheese right now. But I will soon. :) - The not evil twin