Tuesday, July 12, 2011

No more impressionism

I find the older I get, the more often I find I am learning more and
more what maturity is. The fact is that I used to think maturity was
one thing (or, more accurately, I thought people were mature because
of one thing) but I have since learned that people are actually mature
for different reasons.

So we are looking forward to moving in a little over a month. And I am
hoping to soon ship commercial software for the first time in my
career. That makes me extra hackerly minded. And I am really hoping it
takes off and sells. Because that means that I will be able to do it

I have lots of thoughts about new technology stuff and new gadgets.
But the main purpose of mentioning thatnis that I am, for now,
satisfied. I don't hack enough to need new gear, and all of the stuff
that I have right now does what I need. I do want a new work
smartphone, but I don't need one. So that's life.

And I'm starting to lead the men's group I go to. It will be
interesting because I am far younger than almost all the other
participants. So here we go again.


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