Wednesday, February 03, 2010

What Keeps Us

It's been a busy, and not busy, time since I last posted. I'm working on a project to update our school information system. Well, more accurately, replace it with a new piece of software, and that takes time. And I haven't gotten other projects done that I need to get done. I'm nuts sometimes.

D and I are doing good. We keep each other pretty balanced.

I'm working through depression and trust issues. I Trust that we are going to be taken care of in the future, that I will find a job and that it will be Made better than anything I could imagine or foresee. It's kind of hard to keep the right Perspective on that sometimes. I know I need to do that better, it's kind of hard to figure out how to do that sometimes. I get depressed thinking of how my personality traits can hold me back, instead of focusing on how they can propel me forward.

The older I get, the less clear and straightforward everything is. The less sure I get about anything and everything, and the more I wonder about this world. Not the things not of this world. Those I know.

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