Friday, January 08, 2010

The oceans

So, once again, i find myself sitting in Dubai, waiting in the food court, hoping that my flight will leave sometime soon. I am staring to get tired, which is not a good sign for a guy with a flight leaving in 4 hours, and I've already been here 3. I half-wish that I wouldn't have goofed up my tickets, but I think the extra day will have proved worth it, and I have been recovering faster from jet-lag than I used to. So I hope that I will be doing fine for a wile.

I had to leave D in the U.S. She had a different break schedule than me on the back, so she is staying with her folks for an extra week and flying back next week. We don't particularly like not traveling together, but she will need/enjoy the time at home. We are trying to get as much as we can plan planned before we get back to the U.S., and this extra week should bother help her get some of that planning done and give her some more time to relax. We already have the date and place booked, and she has her dress, we have rings and a minister, so really, we're mostly squared away! We are excited about the future but trying to be mindful of the present.

It's an exciting semester ahead, full of all kinds of different challenges and events. I'm glad I have been sent to the place where I have been, and am grateful to have a wonderful woman to spend life with.

I leave you with a ring picture.