Monday, January 18, 2010

The bottom of this

Well, we're safe and sound here. Lots of fun and exciting things
happened on the other side of the city today, but nothing came close
to us.

I am struggling a lot with work recently, with both doing tasks and
having the motivation to do them. This has been happening at the
start of semesters, so it's not much new, I just need to push through

I am trying out Blogger's e-mail posting for this post, so we'll see
if it turns out well. If it does, this could mean more frequent posts
from me, especially as I am using the new iPod Touch that I splurged
on for myself for Christmas fairly regularly.

D is great. She made me cookies tonight. I think I should marry her.

I played soccer today. I'm still horrible, but not as horrible as I
could be. I think I would enjoy it more if I wasn't so rusty and
could pass and place more accurately.

Finally, I have lots of socks.

1 comment:

nln said...

Re: cookies - I think you should, too. :) But, just don't go marrying every woman who makes you cookies. :) Sheesh, you could have married me hundreds of times if that is the criterion. :)