Saturday, June 06, 2009

Before you go

So, there is only one half day left in the school year. It definitely feels different than last year. Since I'm staying to help with summer school until July 1st (and spend time with D, who doesn't finish her contract until then either), I'm not part of the imminent countdown everyone else has. That makes their countdown a little annoying, but I deal.

Tonight, D and I babysat for my neighbors, our science teacher and his wife, since we won't get to see their kids for a couple months with the summer and their staying in the states a little longer for their new addition to join the family. We had a great time. Two great moments - once when the three year old girl just started telling me part of the Story, and another when I tried to explain to the seven year old why staring at bright lights was bad for you, and why staring at the distant sun was worse than the nearby ceiling light.

I'm a little stressed, but I know I'll make it through these next few days until the majority of people leave. Then it'll be time for summer school. I haven't really even planned anything for that. I'm doing PE. Our summer program is half day, and has a space theme, so probably instead of Trees we'll play Asteroid Fields, and instead of freeze-tag, we'll play gravity-tag.

I am more and more reminded that I need to GROW. Not just to be who I was, but to change to what I need to be. I'm really not all that spectacular of a person right now, but I should be. All glories to the King on the Throne.

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