Tuesday, May 05, 2009



I've posted 600 times on this blog.

This is actually post number 601.

I've been getting frustrated lately, and I need to break that cycle. It gets difficult for me, because there are some things that I can't control, and some things that just won't seem to change, and other things in me that refuse to make the change. I've been frustrated by myself, by others, by situations. I need to focus on and find the calm that is readily available to me if I just Seek it rightly.

I won't mask it, fact of the matter is, this is a hard place to live life. Even with a sense of purpose in being here, even with good co-workers, even with an incredible girlfriend, this is a hard place to live. If I had no sense of calling to this place, I would bail. I would leave. But I'm supposed to be here. And as much as I may not like it at times, I still have to be here.

Tomorrow, there's an elementary music program. That I'm supposed to run sound for. That I have been told basically nothing about. I really hope I can pull it off OK.

D got me an iTunes gift certificate for my birthday, so I'm getting new music. I'm definitely getting As Cities Burn's recent album, and probably the new mewithoutyou when it comes out next tuesday. I so love getting new music. I'm thinking about Dave Crowder too...

I've been reading a book by a well known author from Minneapolis, it's his latest, talking about spectacular sins. There's a lot in there I'm trying to understand, but it's a hard read in a lot of ways.

And I get to go on a date with a gorgeous girl tomorrow. This reminds me that I am blessed beyond what I deserve.

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