Friday, May 08, 2009

One thing

Ok, in all honesty, not one thing but a bunch of things.

The Royals are well above .500 at this point in the season. How did that happen? I read an article one time by one of the sabermetrics guys where he said, in baseball, you basically figure that you're going to win 1/3rd of your games, you're going to lose 1/3rd of your games, and you have to figure out how to win those toss up games. It's generally true in higher level baseball. Only an absolutely horrific team ends up under .300 and only a stellar team ends up close to .700

I played Frisbee yesterday - I hadn't gone to a Friday in a long time, and it was really good. I needed it, and I'm glad I chose to go. I got on a good team, and I wasn't anywhere close to being the best player on the team, which is always a plus for me. We ended up winning both games we played, which also made me happy.

I really dig the new As Cities Burn album.

My girlfriend is beautiful and wonderful.

The weather here is getting nicer. At the same time, we've had the wettest spring that's been had here in at least 5 years, which is a huge boon to this country. It's been close to drought levels for 5 years, and so this rain is wonderful. This country needed it, and it has been provided.

Time zones here are weird to this American used to daylight savings times. It gets light around 4:40. So when I wake up at 5:47, it's like waking up at 7:17 in the U.S, as far as being light is concerned.

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