Thursday, May 28, 2009

Break in the clouds

Ah, graduation.



Things fundamental to the lifestyle I feel called to, and yet, that doesn't mean that I necessarily like them, even though I want them to happen. So it took me another few minutes to figure out what I wanted to say here. And I still don't have it. I guess I have a love/hate relationship with change: I like new things and I like being comfortable in how things are.

So during graduation today, we had a person with deputy in their official title speaking when... the sound board suddenly powered off. As the sound guy who had arrived at 7:00 A.M. and had made sure everything was rock solid, I was surprised. I quickly checked power, and it was working. I checked the board, and it was not exhibiting strange behaviors. I had brought a good amount of spares and backups, but I didn't have a backup board. Argh. Checked power again, and noted the that the breaker on the powerstrip to the board was popped out. Popped it back in, and we were up and running again. Objective time off - perhaps 15 seconds. Subjective time off - 203 hours. Oh well.

I just want to take this blog opportunity to tell you that I have a successful and attractive girlfriend who I like. Also, our relationship is based on food.


Michaela said...

What kind of food?

AnnDave said...

I like food, too.
Grandpa N

Matt duerksen said...

thats funny my girlfriend and mines relationship is based on my motorcycle