Saturday, February 28, 2009

The top of my lungs

In our guys group this week, we talked about the fourth chapter of the book to the early italians. One of the things the leader talked about was that how, generally as men, we are oriented to problem-solving, and gave the example that in many cases, a female partner will tell her male partner something not because she wants it fixed, but because she needs to talk about it. D and I have had that come up, she tells me things and says, "This is sharing, not a fix it." Today, I feel like I can't fix anything. I can try to take care of all the details about getting her back, but when she is crying and all I can do is hold her, I feel so inadequate and unable. I don't know what to say, I don't know what to do, other than just hold her and Ask for love, grace, and comfort to flow into her and her family. I can't fix this. I can only be here, and Speak of her and her family.

And this is how we know of His love - that it covers over us and uses even those of us so inadequate as this. Those of us who know not what to say and feel like we're no use. Those of us who are given the strength to be leaned upon, though we know not why.

We're back in the U.S. Please Ask that D and her family have comfort, grace and peace flow into them.

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