Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Some may say

Another week in the books. It was short and kind of strange - we had a holiday on Saturday, and then parent teacher conferences on Wednesday. So it felt oddly abbreviated. In a week, we're heading to Egypt for Spring Break, and that should be fun.

I'm reading about four different books right now, some thilosophy, some SF, and some biographies. Keeping all the concepts and stories straight in my head is fun.

I'm really looking forward to watching some ball tonight or tomorrow, I need to check the schedule, but I think I'll get at least one game this week.

They put our basketball court back down, so we should soon see some games on Thursday mornings between staff.

Please remember D and her family. It's been a month. Please also think of something else that you committed to remember a while ago, and bring it Up.

I'd post anything else if I could think of it.

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