Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Message : Forensics

Well, I've been working on a couple fun little projects, and some not so fun stuff recently. This makes me look forward to my upcoming Spring Break trip. We're heading to Egypt, visiting Cairo, Alexandria, and Mt. Sinai over about a 10 day period. It should be a lot of fun, and I'm excited.

I just finished Alastair Reynolds' most recent book, House of Suns. It was good, not his best, but still good. I enjoyed it, would heartily recommend it to anyone who likes Grand Scale Space Opera, or harder SF. It felt a little rushed towards the end, but had a lot of classic Reynolds in it. He writes some of the best relativistic deep space chase scenes I have ever read.


Michaela said...

You've been sighing a lot lately. It's good to hear that you get a spring break to get back some energy.

nln said...

You get to go to Egypt, Jenna gets to go to Italy - I'm jealous! Well, I did get to go to the mountains with Rachel and [watch Rachel] climb up an almost sheer cliff face. That was pretty fun. Anyway, take tons of pictures. Will you get to see the pyramids?