Wednesday, February 11, 2009

So well regarded and so mundane

Mundane things from my life today:

Decided not to wear long underwear to work. It was warm enough.

Discovered that I can't use the gas heater in my office without getting a headache within about half an hour. So I have to use electric, which is less efficient and not as warm. But I can work. Trade off.

The wireless keyboard in my office had a long of junk in it when I took it apart because the control key was sticking. Eww. Never look inside your keyboard.

When I have a goal, things can go a lot better.

What is simple and straightforward to me is not so to others.


I like watching The Office because it is hilarious.

Extra-ordinary things from my day:

The news.

Getting rather furious at kids in carline for lying to me and then laughing about it.

Ordering Lebanese delivery and eating supper with D and one of our really good friends here.

Watching a fairly funny movie (cars) with D.

Holding her hand.

Knowing that no matter what happens right now, I'm here.

The News

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