Friday, January 30, 2009

You Window!

Since I last posted, I've had good days.

I did some work yesterday. I also had to tell one of my friends that he unfortunately has melted parts in his computer, and so it's not working now. That was a downer. I helped D decorate her classroom some (actually, I took stuff down and sorted. She did all the hard stuff.), which we also used as an excuse to listen to Whit and Eugene some. Then we went and ate supper and hung out with the school's science teacher and his wife. We had a really good time, they're great people.

Today, I got up, went to meeting, then went out to eat at the Korean restaurant with our team. Our evening plans fell through afterwards, so D and I watched We Are Marshall, and then had silly fun for a while. She taught me the alphabet in ASL, so I tried to spell out some messages for her.

Tomorrow, another new week starts, and I'm ready to face it.

I may not always have the power I want, but I have submitted myself to a higher authority, and so I get what I need.

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