Sunday, January 04, 2009

Solid Kingdom (A Page Unfinished)

So keep back your laments.

I went around the city some today with my sister after a lunch with some of her friends. We went to a history museum, got to see lots of cool stuff. Cuneiform is really amazing, as is the preservation of basalt carvings. We had a good time.

I get to go to school with her tomorrow, and that will be interesting. Only the second school I'll have been in a whole day of it being in session.

I am given reminders all the time of the solidity of the Day, and it can be kind of cool to see, and really cool to think about. It's an encouragement to see another country, to see what is occurring, and to know that the same things can happen in the 'Stan, as discouraging as it can be there some time. It's also kind of nice to see another life and understand how much I was built for the situation that I am currently in, and how good I really do have it most of the time. Perspective is always a plus.

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