Tuesday, January 13, 2009

On these reparations

So. The swing is hard to get back into. I read an article this morning which suggests that almost every skill takes ten years to develop expertise in. I'm at less than 10 for most everything, except eating and running (both of which I do with aplomb unrivaled on this side of the French Revolution). There's so much which I shall never know, and so much that I needs must forget. There is so much that I will never need to know, and so much that I will forget. In between these two is a balance.

I find that much of life right now is balance. Balance my work load with my tasks and outcomes, balance my growth in friendship with D with the growth in relationship (the subtleties of which I am only barely beginning to see), balance submission with acceptance, quiet with study, speaking with listening.

I wish I had something far more profound and meaningful to share with you, but I don't. So I leave you with a question?

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Michaela said...

You should post some pictures. We, the people of Kansas don't get to see you very often. Show me your compound.